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The "Mackenzie" Soil Applicator

The “MacKenzie” Applicator provides a precision method for applying any liquid substance directly into the soil within in the root zone of the vine to a depth of about 8 inches.

It is perfect for the application of liquid nutrients, soil amendments or insecticides that need to be taken up by the roots of the vine but where coverage is not a consideration. Quick to calibrate and easy to use, it is available for rent throughout the growing season. Fit rows 7 to 12 feet wide.

Watch a video of the applicator in action here.

View calibration and use instructions here.

Rates are$150/day plus $10/acre, you transport.*


* Kelly Vineyard Services does not assume responsibility any for damage to your property, equipment or crop as a result of the use or misuse of this machine. This includes loading/unloading and transport. Terms are - You break it, you fix it. Payment is due upon completion of the project. Always read the label before applying any pesticide. Remember, the label is the law!